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A girl desperately looks for a dog she has lost...
but was it hers to begin with?

Published on Jul 20, 2016

A 30 second silent film entry in the Celtx Seeds contest. To vote, you must be signed in to your Celtx account. If you do not have a Celtx account, you will first need to create a new one for free at Once you are signed in to your account, you can select the Vote button. You can cast one vote per video - the number of votes you have is unlimited but only one vote can go toward each video - this includes your own submission. Please keep in mind the Celtx system is optimised to flag any vote rigging (creating multiple accounts to vote for the same video); such activity will disqualify an entry.


Written and Directed by: Amanda Lynn Joyce
Produced by: Amanda Lynn Joyce, Pierre Luke, Jean-Paul Cassagnol, and Trey LaMarr
Director of Photography: Pierre Luke
Camera Operator: Jean-Paul Cassagnol
Editor: Amanda Lynn Joyce
Music Composer: Joe Looney
Assistant Director/Animal Wrangler: Red Hancock


Girl: Amanda Lynn Joyce
Homeless Man: Ethan McGee
Park Extra 1: Anne Smith
Park Extra 2: DeMarcus Monroe



Special Thanks
Hidden Panda Films
Deus Media Works
Adam O'Shell
Ben Greeson

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