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Acting REELs

Live Performances

Improv Standup

Open Mic Night at Sky City

Quickies 2015: "The Fourth Wall"

Playing the role of Dawn

Quickies 2015: "Hope"

Playing the Role of "Hero"

Dr. Sketchy's Augusta

Live Art Modeling


"Kate" Audition

Dramatic Female Audition

ABC Discovers:

Talent Competition

Dramatic Female Audition

 Antbear Productions

"Sleep Cure" Part One


"Shades of Love"

Auditioning for the Lead Role Caitlyn

"Double Indemnity"

Neff's Monologue

Junto Box Films

"The Driver"

Auditioning for the lead role of Aspen

 Antbear Productions

"Sleep Cure" Part two


"Louder Than Bombs"

Auditioning for the role of Melanie

"Double Indemnity"

Phyllis' Dialogue

Star Wars Audition 2013

A basic script read for a speaking role in the next Star Wars.

Fun Stuff

Commercial for The Black Cat Picture Show

Playing the role of the overworked PA

Wages of Cine:

The return of Sparrow Man

Playing the role of Raven

Wages of Cine:

Mutant Championship Fight

Playing the role of the captive Ring Girl

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